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JEDI Quest: Building an Inclusive Digital World for All

byChrissy Weems

JEDI Quest: Building an Inclusive Digital World for All

Want to fight for good like a Jedi Knight? Imagine a world where everyone can explore the internet freely, just like a Jedi exploring the galaxy. That’s what we’re aiming for with digital accessibility, making sure information and technology are available and usable by everyone, regardless of their abilities.

Think of it like building a playground: wouldn’t you want everyone to be able to swing, climb, and have fun, no matter their differences? The same goes for the internet!

What is JEDI?

Here’s where the JEDI Force comes in: Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. These principles guide us to create an online world that everyone can use. Let’s break it down: 

Justice – Everyone deserves equal access to information and opportunities, regardless of their abilities. JEDI for digital accessibility advocates for policies and practices that ensure everyone can participate fully in the digital realm. 

  • Consider this: Does your company’s current policies and practices restrict access to employment, resources, or services? How can we progress toward removing the obstacles? 

Equity- Recognizing that individuals may need different supports to thrive online, JEDI emphasizes equitable access to resources and assistive technologies. This could include screen readers, voice recognition software, and alternative text descriptions for images, ensuring everyone has the tools to navigate the digital world. 

  • Consider this: Where might you assume a certain physical or cognitive capability in using products or accessing the work environment? What might be incorporated to ensure all users can be successful? 

Diversity- Our experiences are enhanced by embracing all individuals’ unique perspectives and abilities. JEDI promotes the inclusion of diverse voices in developing and designing digital products and services, ensuring they work for a wide range of users. 

  • Evaluate: Do we tokenize accessibility efforts or fully welcome those with varying abilities throughout the organization?  

Inclusion- Creating an accessible digital world requires moving beyond simply meeting technical standards. JEDI emphasizes active participation and engagement, ensuring that everyone feels welcome and valued in the online space. This includes promoting diversity in the tech sector and ensuring the voices of individuals with disabilities are heard and reflected in the technology we create. 

  • Examine: Are people of varying abilities represented and actively engaged in shaping improvements throughout your organization? How can we further embed inclusion into culture? 

Bridging the Gap

So, how can you bridge the gap? Applying these principles provides us with ways we can create a digital world that is truly inclusive. Here are key steps we can take: 

  • Check your online stuff: Websites, apps, and content – ensure they’re easy for everyone to use. Imagine using them without sight or a mouse!
  • Think inclusive: When designing anything, consider the needs of people with different abilities right from the start. Everyone deserves a seat at the table!
  • Spread the word: Talk about accessibility, raise awareness, and encourage others to be mindful of it.
  • Become a JEDI champion: Learn more, provide training, and advocate for inclusive practices in your community.

Let’s pick up the lightsaber together as JEDI Warriors, using these principles to create online equality for all. We have the power to build the future – one where technology empowers rather than excludes. Who’s with me? 

P.S. Want to learn even more? Check out our free webinar on creating accessible content! Just like learning how to build a lightsaber, it’s a skill that can make a big difference.


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