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Microsoft 365

Unique among the services we provide, collaboration software requires full-business buy-in. If a quarter of your company refuses to use cloud tools for file storage, coauthoring, and project management, it will drag the rest back into using desktop tools. For this reason, we always include consulting services with our Microsoft 365 collaboration training. Together, we can plan, build, and market your platform – then train your eager workforce on how to use your unique collaboration suite.

What we can teach

As the business moves from using desktop tools and hard drives for their work, understanding the core elements of OneDrive and SharePoint are essential to moving forward productively. This workshop puts governance and best practices at the forefront.


  • What is OneDrive?
  • What is SharePoint?
  • Scenarios for Cloud Storage
  • Saving in Microsoft 365
  • Syncing Files
  • Finding Relevant Content
Tools for Sharing

  • Sharing Scenarios
  • Coauthoring
  • Understanding SharePoint Structure
  • Navigating Sites Quickly
  • Lists, Libraries, and Apps
  • Files and Records
Leveraging M365

  • Blogs, Wikis, and Boards
  • Check-in / Check-out
  • Version History
  • Custom Views

Are you responsible for your team’s SharePoint site? Is it looking bleak? In this series, we address what SharePoint can be, and how to plan and build the perfect environment for collaboration. Here’s a hint: you won’t be selling ‘SharePoint’ to your team.


  • The Collaboration Suite
  • Understanding your Team
  • Solving Real Problems
  • Naming and Marketing Tools
  • Sketching and Navigating the Tools
  • Understanding Hierarchy
  • Understanding Permissions
  • Understanding the Toolset

  • Creating a SharePoint Site
  • Naming and Branding
  • Creating Custom Navigation
  • Creating a Custom Home Page
  • Creating Custom Views
  • Creating Custom Lists
  • Creating Custom Columns

  • Check-in / Check-out Policies
  • Implementing Version Control
  • Content Type Management
  • People, Groups, and Permissions
  • Workflows
  • Governance and Best Practices
  • Hub Sites

Over the last few years, Microsoft has rolled out a variety of new collaboration features that can be difficult to pull apart. It seems these tools overlap significantly, and we need guidance on which tool is used for which scenario, and why there need to be multiple tools in the first place.


  • Understanding SharePoint and Teams
  • Understanding Microsoft 365 Groups
  • Building an Ecosystem
  • Communication with Users
  • Controlling Organic Growth
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Best Practices

  • Creating Microsoft 365 Groups
  • Creating Related Teams
  • Managing Sites, Teams, and Groups
  • Branding, Naming, and Marketing
  • Customization
  • Workflows

  • Communicating Benefits
  • Sharing and Collaboration
  • Empowering Champions
  • Maintenance
  • Ongoing Training

The team at Knack Training customizes every hands-on training to the world and requirements of the attendees.

  • Live Classroom Training
  • Seminar and Conference Sessions
  • Web-Based Training
  • Video Courses
  • Consulting
The team at Knack Training customizes every hands-on training to the world and requirements of the attendees.

Have any questions?
We’ll be happy to answer

Have any questions?
We’ll be happy to answer