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Knack Training is a complete training solution provider – whether you need to learn Microsoft Office or SharePoint, Adobe Creative Cloud or the G Suite, Presentation Design or Delivery, we offer a course to make your life easier. Not only that, but Knack Training fits your life by giving you the tools you need through live, hands-on training; webinars; conference workshops; full-length video courses; and everyday, free video tutorials on YouTube.

We have one goal – to give you the skills you need to be incredible at what you do. So, find the software package that would benefit you the most, and find a method that works for you. If we can help you, please call or fill out the form.

Master the Essential Productivity Suite

The Office Suite – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook – as well as tools like Visio and OneNote span all the major documents and requirements of the business world. With customized training on any or all of the applications, you can learn precisely the tools you need to become amazing at what you do.

Collaboration Power Tools for Today’s World.

Microsoft SharePoint is a behemoth. This collaboration tool, together with OneDrive, Office 365 Groups, and Microsoft Teams, can add power, simplicity, and automation to whatever your teams do. Without proper training, however, the variety of options and settings can be daunting. Take your collaboration to the next level with SharePoint and Knack Training.

The Industry Standard in Design and Media Production

In today’s business environment, most companies strive to produce a large volume of content – video, audio, images, newsletters – to drive the business and to focus their workforce on common values. The Adobe Creative Cloud suite provides the tools to build any digital or print media you can envision, and you can do it all in-house – no need for outside help!

A Fully Online, Collaborative Productivity Suite

Google, in building the G Suite for Business, has made it cost-effective, powerful, collaborative, and simple to get your job done. From Gmail to Docs, Sheets, and Slides, and the various additional tools you can experiment with, there is a wealth of value at your fingertips.

Building Skills to Complement your Software Prowess

No matter how well you know PowerPoint, if you don’t understand essential design principles your slide deck will suffer. No matter how well you know Outlook, if you don’t embrace organization techniques, you’ll always have difficulty finding essential emails. These tools are the critical backbone of your skillset.


What our clients are saying about our training...

  • - Jill Jakulski, Ph.D.
    Thank you so much, Neil. I’ve found your videos and website resources so informative and helpful. Sadly, when I’ve felt I needed something more or different I’ve tried to find books but they never seem to be worth the money I pay for them. With all sincerity, your straight-forward, comprehensive approach tops any resource I’ve found to date! Thank you so much for your help!
    - Jill Jakulski, Ph.D.
    Fairfax County Public Schools
  • Rhonda Scharf
    If there was ever a person put on this earth to teach you how to use all your software and make you feel you can do it easily, then it is Neil. Calming, reassuring, and patient, as well as really smart!
    Rhonda Scharf
  • Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce
    Professional development instructor Neil Malek of Knack Training presented to a full house at the June Technology Forum. His subject, Techniques for Maximum Effeciency, drew one of the largest crowds since the forum’s inception.
    Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Eileen Behr
    Neil Malek has gotten the highest marks of any instructor that has taught here at SRI. They said he was phenomenal.
    Eileen Behr
  • Marie Wright
    Thank you for partnering with us! You fit in so well with our company and culture.
    Marie Wright
  • Chloe Stewart
    Neil is an absolute pleasure to work with. His extensive knowledge of various technologies illustrates his value as an instructor, and Neil never hesitates to spend time working with us individually.
    Chloe Stewart
  • Damon Lembi
    Neil is one of the most pleasant, hard working, no-nonsense guys I’ve had the pleasure to work with in the past 14 years.
    Damon Lembi
    Learn iT!
  • Cathy Epstein
    I had a 30-minute conversation with Neil yesterday that changed my life!
    Cathy Epstein
    Graphic Designer

We partner with you.

While others may come to you with pre-set curriculum, course length, start times – your partners at Knack Training know that learning and improvement come when experts reach students where they are. Build course files that look like your day-to-day work. Reach remote employees with web-based training. Follow up live training with a library of video courses that will reinforce and deepen your understanding. Fit a class into the time you have available.

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