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For the past month, Knack Training and Everyday Office have celebrated OneNote November by bringing you videos, blogs and articles focused on every intimate aspect of our favorite office tool. As this month draws to a close, we’d like to take a moment to discuss the future of OneNote and share with you the direction of the software over the next few years, and how we will adapt the way we train and teach to optimize your user experience.

As we’ve mentioned in previous articles this month, the OneNote we know and love is slowly coming to an end over the next seven years. OneNote 2016, the desktop application long apart of the Microsoft Office Suite will be phased out to make way for the new OneNote for Windows 10. Now a part of Office 2019, Outlook 365, and pre-installed with Windows 10, the new OneNote offers a variety of distinctive differences from its predecessor, who will be completely phased out by October 2025. For more on this story and comprehensive comparison of the two versions, check out this article.

This transition of OneNote from a desktop-based software to a web-based application has made waves in the Microsoft-user community, as it is the first time the developer has done something so drastic to a beloved member of the Office family. While an online version of OneNote has long existed in Outlook and more recently as a mobile application, it has been treated as almost a separate entity from the desktop version. This came to the forefront of the Microsoft design team’s attention when they learned how students in tech-enabled classrooms were using the online version to take notes on tablets, while teachers were using the desktop version from their computer. The amount of miscommunication and confusion this caused inspired Microsoft to create a more unified, easily-teachable OneNote experience.

The fact that the OneNote’s major paradigm shift was catalyzed by classroom observations is telling of the direction the software is headed. From rainbow colored inks to enhanced mathematic problem-solving, the software’s newer features are definitively geared towards the generation growing up with the technology. From a marketing standpoint, this is a genius way to engender user loyalty at a young age. However, it prompts the question: what do these changes mean to those of us who have mastered or are just now discovering the possibilities of today’s OneNote? The answer to this is surprisingly poignant.

According to Microsoft Director of Product Design Director March Rogers, many families who have come to know OneNote through work or school find themselves again turning to the software during what he calls “life moments.” From compiling information for medical diagnoses to planning vacations, families have found OneNote useful in managing the ups and downs of their personal lives. The total relocation of OneNote to a web-based domain makes the software more widely accessible to all members of the family, from whatever devices they are using. The happy byproduct is an experience in which family members of various ages and technological capabilities are teaching and learning how to use and innovate use of the software together.

As the features of OneNote continue to change and expand, you can expect that we at Knack Training will avidly follow and share the story of its evolution with you. It is our mission to enable people in any industry who come into contact with technologies like OneNote with the knowledge and facility to become the best at what they do. Right now, many of those who seek our training services are just learning about OneNote 2016 and how its tried and true features can maximize the efficiency of their work output. So, for the time being, you can expect us to continue to explore the vast world of possibilities the current desktop app holds, while gathering and purveying content to prepare you for the coming changes of OneNote for Windows 10.

For an enlightening interview with Microsoft’s Director of Product Design March Rogers about the future of OneNote, click here. Thank you for joining us in our OneNote November celebration, and be sure to stay tuned for the announcement of an exciting new month-long series next Monday. We’ll see you then!


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