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If you have been following our month-long celebration of OneNote this month, you’ve probably heard us advocate the Onetastic add-in, a third party download that equips the software with a broadened array of tools and macros. If you have already made the move from OneNote 2016 to the new Windows 10 version, you may have found that the software no longer supports outside add-ins like Onetastic.

In October 2018, the developers of Onetastic posted an article in response to Microsofts’ announcement of OneNote 2016’s eventual fadeout to their website, stating:

OneNote Windows 10 app currently does not support add-ins. So, we cannot develop Onetastic for it. OneNote 2016 will still be supported till 2025. It                  just won’t get new features. We will continue to develop and support Onetastic as long as OneNote 2016 is supported by Microsoft.”

You can check out the full article here.

Until Microsoft changes its tune, OneNote 2016 years may still download and enjoy Onetastic’s many streamlined features. However, if you are already using OneNote for Windows 10, you can download Onetastic’s Calendar as a standalone feature for your desktop or task bar. You can download both of these features here.

For more OneNote news, tips and tricks, keep it tuned to Everyday Office as we continue our OneNote November celebration!

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