Microsoft Sway’s Place in Business Communication

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Creating and sharing dynamic content is becoming more and more important in business. Colleagues and clients expect more than an email with a bullet list when you’re presenting a complex project or report. There are many software tools to help you communicate in an inventive way, including PowerPoint. One newer program we love is Microsoft Sway, which has several distinct advantages. Here are the top ways we suggest new Sway users begin to make use of the software.

1. Pitch Creative Campaigns

Sway is a good option for sending out creative pitches in any industry because users can add many beautiful graphics and related content from all over the web. Sway is able to integrate videos, maps, websites, tweets and other media. We also recommend including engaging transitions and catchy headers. Unlike PowerPoint, which is built for brevity, Sway encourages long-form content. Users can access the content from a computer browser, tablet or smartphone.

2. Start a Department Newsletter

The Sway templates are designed to look like one continuous page with unique sections, so the program is great to use for a business-related newsletter. Even better, Microsoft Sway makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues on the same project. Business partners can log in and work on the newsletter from different computers to expedite delivery. Sending out the newsletter is simple, and colleagues can bookmark the link to re-read it later.

3. Store and Share Content Online

PowerPoint decks are typically shared via email attachment unless they are shared with another Office 365 user or uploaded to a slide-sharing website. All Microsoft Sway content is stored online, which makes sharing a breeze. One of our favorite things about Sway is that once a presentation is created, it can be shared in just seconds over social media, direct link, embed code or with specific people inside an organization.

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