Microsoft SharePoint For Administrators

When an employee becomes a site owner, site collection owner, or SharePoint power user, they are given a suite of tools that can be intimidating. These sessions help you understand best practices and the way different features interact with one another


  • Understanding the Site Collection Hierarchy
  • Sketching and Navigating Inheritance Patterns
  • Building a New SharePoint Site
  • Check-in / Check-out policies
  • Implementing Version Control
  • Adding Auditing and Retention Policies
  • Creating Custom Views
  • Creating New List Columns


  • Building New Site Columns
  • Understanding the Business Cases for Content Type Management
  • Creating New Custom Content Types
  • Creating Custom Lists and Libraries
  • Adding In-Browser Workflows
  • People, Groups, and Permissions: Security
  • Customizing Navigation
  • Governance and Best Practices