Microsoft Outlook

Many people begin and end their day using Microsoft Outlook. Whether using the email functionality, or working with meetings, contacts, and tasks, Outlook can provide great power, or can be a terrible time waster. Learn not only how to use the program, but best practices to keep yourself organized.


  • The Outlook Interface
  • Inbox - Email
  • Folders, Sorting, and Views
  • Flags and Categories
  • Printing and Saving
  • Contacts and Distribution Lists
  • Calendar - Meetings and Appointments
  • Recurrence
  • Search
  • Search Folders


  • Message Formats
  • Signatures and Out-of-Office replies
  • Rules and Quick Steps
  • Permissions and Delegates
  • Archiving
  • Custom Views and Categories
  • Mail Merge
  • vCards and Import/Export