Microsoft OneNote

Throughout your day, information is presented to you: emails, documents, web pages, and a variety of thoughts cross your mind. OneNote is a virtual notebook for clipping these ideas and combining them in ways that make sense.


  • The OneNote Interface
  • New Notebooks, Sections, and Pages
  • Creating Section Groups and Page Groups
  • Typing and Formatting Notes
  • Drawing Shapes
  • Adding and Embedding Content
  • The Insert Content Window
  • Copy Text from Pictures
  • Adding Hyperlinks and Wiki Links
  • Saving Notes


  • Search
  • Adding Tags to Content
  • Send OneNote via Email
  • Using OneNote with Outlook
  • Docked OneNote
  • Publishing Note Pages
  • Sharing Notebooks
  • Merging Sections
  • Collaborating
  • Inserting and Recording Audio and Video
  • OneNote Mobile