If you saw our post on Monday, you learned about some of the latest announcements from Microsoft’s annual Ignite convention that have us most excited. These and other innovations announced at this year’s Ignite conference pointed towards an overarching goal of integration.

As we mentioned earlier this week, Microsoft’s Enterprise Skills Kit for Cortana is an exciting extension of the artificial intelligence into business environments. However, this was just beginning of series of revelations about Microsoft’s new arsenal of AI enhancements. One of the most newsworthy items to come out of Ignite 2018 regarded its cloud service, Azure. The company unveiled that the newest version of the software will use an Digital Twins AI suite called perform data modeling. Basically, when you input data in any form (video, documents, etc) the AI will digest it into a variety of consumable formats. Applications will include anything from statical analysis to data-based fraud detection. The results can be linked to many of Microsoft’s other softwares including Office 365.

This news comes hand-in-hand with some exciting updates about the SQL Server 2019 and the Azure SQL Database. In an attempt to make user experiences structurally and practically similar, the two softwares will converge to support each other’s unique features while continuing to offer the distinctive traits like Server’s Big Data Cluster and Azure’s Hyperscale.

One of the other major announcements that supports Microsoft’s objective to integrate is its unveiling of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Heralded as “the best-virtualized Windows and Office experience,” this system will code all Microsoft applications to run on the same server. The new desktop computing will be guarded with thorough security safeguards and checkpoints to allow for the safe storage of information. Connection to Azure’s dataceneters will allow users to access VDI applications remotely.  While businesses like Amazon have already developed systems like this, Microsoft holds a unique advantage as its applications are among the most widely used in the world.

So what does all this esoterica mean to you? If you use Microsoft products (and really, who doesn’t anymore?), you can expect the transferability of your work across its many applications to get a lot easier. Data sharing between your colleagues will simply be a matter of pushing the right buttons. If you are a number cruncher, you will fall evermore in love with Microsoft Azure as its new features reduce the amount of grunt work in your job.

For a more complete review of Ignite 2018’s exciting revelations, check out this great articles from ZDNet. And in other exciting news, Ignite will return to Orlando for its 2019 convention.We nerds can’t wait to see what happens next!

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