Here’s the Difference Between G Suite Basic and G Suite Business

Using G Suite for office productivity and collaboration.

Figuring out the right G Suite Apps package for you or your business means understanding the differences between the products and figuring out which one your business could benefit from. The options available today are G Suite Basic and G Suite Business. Both have a lot of functionality but, depending on what your business needs, you might benefit from the added offerings of G Suite Business.

GSuite Basic

Google no longer offers the free version of Google Apps for Work, but the cost for G Suite Basic is just $5 per month. It is the premium version of G Suite Apps, which is a step above what you get with just a plain Gmail account. It’s a great option for freelancers, independent professionals and most small and medium-sized businesses, depending on your industry. With it, you get phone and email support from Google, guaranteed service, all the G Suite Apps that are at the core of your work and access options so you can work from anywhere.

G Suite Basic features 30GB of storage that is shared between Gmail and Google Drive. The attachment size limit, maximum recipients per message and maximum recipients per day are the same for Basic and Business. Basic also lets you create a domain name for your email and add additional addresses for one user. It also has solid security in place for email. You can access Basic from supported browsers, mobile and tablets as well as get offline mail and Docs editors. It’s also possible to disable ads in Gmail, share calendars with team members and attend video meetings using any device.

GSuite Business

GSuite Business includes the GSuite Apps Vault and Unlimited drive for work cloud storage and costs $10 per month or $120 for 12 months per user. It offers all of the features of Basic with additional unlimited online storage shared across Gmail, Google Drive for Work and other business apps. It also offers additional audit reporting and archiving features in GSuite Apps Vault. This is a great solution for mid-size and growing businesses and can also be helpful for industries where info is particularly sensitive, such as finance or health.

GSuite Business offers unlimited online storage, advanced apps admin control for Google Drive, audit and reporting insights for Drive content, Google Vault for archiving emails, chats and online files, the ability to archive and keep all inbound and outbound emails from your company and secure storage. Business also offers businesses stricter internet security and more control over users and sensitive data.

With Vault, you can deploy, monitor and manage security keys, receive and customize Drive Activity alerts, assign roles and control access and monitor email traffic for sensitive info like social security numbers or bank account numbers. From there you can set policy-based actions, such as altering the message, quarantine or rejection. These controls ensure that all communication from your business is evaluated and that you are in control of it.

Overall, GSuite Business seems to be the better choice for larger organizations and for smaller operations that require the tighter security that Google Vault can provide. Also, even smaller companies may find that at some point the 30GB data limit on the Basic version might be too limiting for their business needs.

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