Five Things You Didn’t Know about Microsoft OneNote

In honor of OneNote November, we’d like to share five little known facts about this software we know and love that will improve your experience as a user. Practical or just plain fun, we’re here to show OneNote has something for everyone!


1. Notes in Shimmering Rainbow Ink? Yes Please!

 Want to add a splash of color to your meeting notes? As of 2018, OneNote now allows you to write in both rainbow and galaxy inks. While this feature may seem superfluous, there is some sound philosophy behind the polyrchromatism. According to Ian Mikutel from the Microsoft Whiteboard team, “Real people use our products, and real people get bored, need to stay engaged and inspired… Ink Effects are a small step in that direction.”


2. Dictation

 In October 2018, Microsoft announced that OneNote would soon be equipped with an artificial intelligence dictation tool that would transcribe spoken word.  This innovation is expected to hit your desktop in the coming weeks. However, if you can’t wait until then, OneNote already can take audio recordings of meetings and other verbal commentary. Simply type out a note, and then select the Record Audio button under Insert. Any notes you take during that recording will be saved at the time they were typed, allowing you to go back and listen to the exact segment of conversation at that moment.


3. OneNote is Your Secret Calculus Weapon

 Remember all that math you forgot from your high school and college days? Neither do most of us! That’s why OneNote has the answers to many of your more advanced queries. In addition to solving rudimentary equations, you can input your own simply by clicking the Insert New Equation option under Equations in the Insert tab.


 4. Custom Stationary

 Another fun, but surprisingly useful feature that OneNote provides is the ability to choose different stationaries under the Insert tab. But the fun doesn’t stop there! OneNote allows you exercise your own print design skills by setting up your own custom default stationaries and letterheads.


5. You Can Repeat the Past

 Like any good stenographer, OneNote keeps track of notes down to the letter. But instead of simply discarding changes made to the final document, OneNote keeps track of every edit made to a note from its original creation. To take a look at the changes or any previous versions of a note, just check out the Page Versions menu.


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