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San Diego Zoo Global


San Diego Zoo Global


San Diego Zoo Global is a not-for-profit conservation organization committed to saving species around the world. For more than a century, international tourists have flocked to the San Diego Zoo, making it the most visited zoo in the United States. The Zoo and Safari Park boast state-of-the-art endangered species programs that protect against extinction and work to rebuild populations.

The staff at the San Diego Zoo wants their technology to support their mission of conservation in every way possible. As they moved to Office 365 from another software platform, there was both trepidation and frustration that the change might impede their well-honed operations.


Moving to a completely new email and calendaring system, there were significant growing pains. Users were unsure how to track, organize, and process email efficiently. Additionally, they needed greater control over their calendars. Assessed issues included:

  • Working with the new toolset and building a set of shortcuts for efficient use
  • Creating organization systems that matched daily needs
  • Organizing and managing multiple calendars
  • Automating processes whenever possible


Knack Training supplied a two-stage training program. Using live, hands-on classroom training, we led the staff through live exercises meant to reflect their day-to-day responsibilities. We introduced new tools and concepts that gave the users confidence to control their inbox and calendar effectively. After the classwork, supplemental and backup training was provided through the video course platform This allowed the users to play back exercises they had seen during the live event. Additionally, new employees can use the platform to onboard more quickly.


These new Outlook 365 users found features and tools they couldn’t have imagined prior to the training. Their new confidence led them to control their inbox environment with ease. After the training, the video course provided a strong backup and refresher, with nearly 40% of attendees watching portions of the course.

Client’s Feedback

Thank you so much for yesterday! I’m hearing rave reviews, and many who wished we could have spent even more time on other topics.

Sara Graef

EA Development, San Diego Zoo

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