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Dunwoody, Georgia


Dunwoody, Georgia


The City of Dunwoody, Georgia, is a suburb of Atlanta. Every year, they host the Dunwoody Accounting Conference, a week-long educational event for accounting professionals. The technology tools that these professionals leverage every day are a fertile part of their curriculum. In addition, the City of Dunwoody encompasses departments including police, finance, human resources, and more. Each of these job roles requires something different from their technology stack. www.dunwoodyga.gov


With over 100 accounting professionals from all over the Southeastern United States, there is a wide range of knowledge levels, software backgrounds, and job roles. Within the city, the employees of the various departments required insight on an eclectic set of technology problems. Knack Training identified many potential areas of concern:

  • Email management with automation and color-coding tools
  • Fundamental Excel principles
  • Reporting and Data Visualization tips and tricks
  • Creating macros and VBA functions for use in various scenarios


Knack Training created a series of both interrelated and independent courses; course materials for future review; and video supplements for the conference participants. Instructors delivered live conference, classroom, and one-on-one training across a variety of users, from accountants to police officers to human resources professionals.


Training participants from all departments improved their Microsoft Office skillset in valuable ways, and brought those tools back to their respective work teams.

Client’s Feedback

Thank you so much for the excellent training during the conference and for sending this follow-up information.

Brenda Lightfoot

Manager of Financial Reporting, Pinellas County Sheriff's Office

I have greatly enjoyed and BENEFITED from the training!

Miriam Faircloth

Finance Director, City of Cairo, GA

Thanks again for a fantastic conference. You made me look good.

Chris Pike

Director of Finance, City of Dunwoody, GA

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