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Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls


The Chicago Bulls are a legendary NBA franchise. With 41 regular-season games at the United Center, the staff behind the scenes has a huge number of logistical challenges to handle on a daily basis.


The marketing team is responsible for event marketing, partnerships, and public relations outreach. Tracking the tasks within these areas of responsibility, and analyzing their results is a full-time job unto itself. Frustrated by these tedious chores, the members of this group reached out to Knack Training to find solutions to their headaches. Major factors that were identified included:

  • Use of ACID principles in tracking and managing client data, translating to successful spreadsheet design
  • Leveraging Excel functions for linking data, including VLOOKUP, INDEX and MATCH, and others
  • Color-coding stages in processes, as well as status levels and other indicators
  • Using new Office 365 features to build a useful data model in an Excel spreadsheet


Knack Training moved quickly to resolve these issues so the Bulls marketing team could get back to work. We went to work scheduling a workshop to illustrate the power of relevant Excel tools and features. Through live, hands-on exercises, the daily users of this spreadsheet became experts in Tables, VLOOKUP, and the Excel Data Model. Additionally, Knack Training consultants coordinated with the team to build a new set of spreadsheets from the ground up. Together, we created fast-loading, easy-to-use tools for the team’s daily work.


Today, corporate partnerships and event marketing are tracked quickly and effectively, using nothing more than the power of Microsoft Excel. The team has been given the tools to expand upon their existing documents and tackle new problems.

Client’s Feedback

Thank you for the wonderful workshop! We all learned a lot and found it very helpful. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for us this season!

Lindsay Flasch

Manager, Partnership Marketing - Chicago Bulls

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