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Conquering the Chaos: How Microsoft Intune Helps Manage Devices 

byChrissy Weems

Conquering the Chaos: How Microsoft Intune Helps Manage Devices 

In today’s ever-connected world, we struggle with managing a growing number of devices- from laptops and tablets to smartphones. Today, we’re going to dive into the best way to manage these devices and ensure a compliant and secure environment for your organization.  

How do we do this? Microsoft to the rescue- they’ve got our backs with a little gem called Intune. It’s like having a digital lasso to corral all those devices and keep them in check.  

You may be asking what is Intune? Well, it’s magical. Ok, maybe not… but picture this: you have a central command center for all things device management. That’s Intune. It works seamlessly with MS 365 and allows you to handle everything from adding new devices on board (even BYOD) to rolling out apps, security settings, and configurations to support your teams.  

Think that’s impressive? We’re not done yet. Intune lets you beef up security by enforcing policies like password requirements and encryption, ensuring sensitive data stays locked down. AND, if any of your devices start acting up or go rogue, you can troubleshoot and even wipe them remotely.  

Now that we know what it can do, are you ready to get started? We’ve got a quick roadmap for you: 

  • Make sure your organization’s rocking the right Microsoft 365 subscription (usually E3 or higher) that includes our buddy Intune. 
  • Set up your Azure AD tenant, since Intune hangs out in the Azure cloud. 
  • Choose your enrollment method (automatic, user-driven, or whatever floats your boat). 
  • Define those security policies and configurations you want to lay down. 
  • Deploy apps, settings, and keep tabs on device health to stay on top of compliance. 

With Intune backing you up, you can manage all those devices with confidence. From hassle-free enrollment to ironclad security- Intune’s the whole package for a safer and more productive work environment. See, it is a little bit of magic. Why wait? Embrace all Intune has to offer and bring some order to that digital chaos once and for all.  

Interested in learning more or need a hand getting set up? Reach out to us – we’d love to help you tame those tech beasts!  


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