About the Company

Our mission is to make you AMAZING at what you do.

It’s our job to know where all the buttons are and what they do. That’s important because it’s almost certainly not your job. Your job is forecasting sales, or building a better widget, or helping customers, and the software you use can easily be an obstacle to doing that job to the best of your ability. That’s why you need a little Knack Training in your life – for that moment during class when you say “Are you serious?! That one button does exactly what I’ve been wasting time on for the last five years?!”

The Knack Training experience is quite simple; we have the best software instructors on the planet. These are professionals who not only know what the buttons do, but also how it can solve your problems. We know we can’t always be there when you’re faced with those problems, so we offer live, hands-on training, as well as remote training, video courses, email and online forum support, and any other channel we can think of. It’s our goal that you never lose time to fighting with your software – that you can be INCREDIBLE at what you do by turning your software into an ally.

As you can see, we offer tons of advice, guidance, and tutorials for free, on YouTube, the blog, Facebook, and other channels. Take a look around, and we think you’ll agree – if you need some nerdy advice, Knack Training is the right team for the job.